Blogger, CEO

It all started with a shopping trip in the summer of 2014.. An idea was born and, in the fall of that same year, a blog and a brand were too.

I founded Hampton Ivy, the brand, in October of 2014. You can read all about the brand's story and the story behind the name over here on our store's website.

But a month before the brand was launched, this blog began. I started this blog to share my outfits and stories of living on the coast, in the hopes of inspiring and bringing joy to others. And that is still my motivation today!

Though my style has evolved slightly over the years, I have always loved classic and timeless silhouettes, patterns and pieces. Every now and then I may buy a trendier item, but overall my closet is made up of items that will always be in style. Most of what I own was bought secondhand, since thrifting is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. But every now and then I buy a new piece from the stores we all know and love or a boutique near me.

While fashion is a definite love of mine, I'm also absolutely in love with home decor (thanks to my mama), antiquing, cooking and dining, reading (although I definitely buy more books than I read), finding amazing beauty products and exploring this beautiful island I call home. The coastal lifestyle is one I could never give up, and I love sharing glimpses of my life on the shore with you all.

On this blog you can expect to see posts relating to all of things. My overall goal is post what brings me joy in the hopes of bringing you friends some joy and inspiration as well. If there's anything specific you want me to post or any question you have, always feel free to reach out to me. 
Kindest regards,
Melanie ♡