The weather is warming up, the sun is shining and summer is less than a month away! It's a little strange to think we've almost spent an entire season stuck at home. I've tried to get outside as often as possible, but I've definitely spent a good amount of time in my house, on my phone, during this quarantine. I refuse to even look at my screen time anymore, in fear of fainting from the shock! But there have been a few upsides to all that screen time.. 

One of which is that I've found a bunch of new (to me) small businesses who offer beautiful items that I've compiled into a fun little summer shopping wish list.


This ottoman is brilliant. I saw this in a giveaway I entered on Instagram hosted by a few talented small business owners (Fursatile being one) and I've needed it since! The design is beautiful and elegant and I love how you can separate each step or tuck them all under the largest one. It's perfect to help my tiny pups get up on the couch or bed!

These hand painted marble coasters are absolutely gorgeous. Every time I see them pop up on my Instagram feed, I'm transported to my dream kitchen in Positano, pouring fresh lemonade into a beautiful glass that's sitting on top of one of these beautiful coasters. They just look so lovely!

Speaking of a beautiful glass.. I love colorful glassware, and most of the time I try to find vintage or antique options, but once I came across these.. I fell in love. If I could, I would buy one of every color and every style! 

Photo credit: So Then They Say


A few years ago I found a beautiful navy blue chinoiserie bunny at an antique shop and startled my mother with how dramatically I gasped at the sight of it. I stood in front of it on the shelf and debated buying it for far too long before I finally picked it up and proudly brought it over to the cashier, hugging it close to my heart the whole time. Needless to say, I was smitten. I've been in love with chinoiserie bunnies ever since, and this little one is absolutely precious. She will definitely be joining my collection some day soon!

I've had this pretty scratch-off map on my wish list for a while. I'd love to be able to use it for myself one day when I can travel more, but it'd be an even better gift for my globe trotting best friends. I think it's absolutely brilliant and a beautiful way to keep track of where you've been. It's also a great conversation piece when guests come over!

Those are definitely the top five items on my wish list that I've found through Instagram. But before I end this post, I figured I'd give a friendly shout-out to the other small businesses I know thanks to the platform!

  • KOUKLA'S KORNER .. Hand crafted, small batch soy candles that smell divine and I can burn in my house without worrying about the harmful chemicals other candles contain.
  • CHRISTOPHER JOHN .. Beautiful, hand crafted slip-on shoes, custom made and made to order in Italy. The Tweed Hunt Club are my favorite.
  • CULLEY + CO .. From business partner to good friend, I always have to give Mr. Joseph Culley a shout out for his beautiful preppy phone cases. They've protected my phone for years and his Birds of a Feather design is actually in my cart right now! 
  • EILEEN GRAPHICS .. I did a collaboration with the lovely Eileen last month, and her cards are absolutely precious. You can find a nautical themed set for any occasion.
  • MYSTIC KNOTWORK .. See that beautiful wine stopper and those napkin rings, coasters and trivets in the first picture of this post? Those fantastic pieces are from Mystic Knotwork. I had the pleasure of meeting Matt and Jill in person when I visited Mystic, CT a few years ago and I was lucky enough to work with them just last summer on a post. If you love nautical and coastal decor, you should take a look at their products. 
  • HAMPTON IVY .. Yes, I'm giving my own company a friendly shout-out as well! I'm always wearing our jewelry, but I've been especially obsessed with our new satin scarves, which are now available in silk too. All of our patterns are beautiful and classic, and I'll definitely be wearing them nonstop this summer.
Small businesses need support right now more than ever. So, if you friends have any other small businesses you think everyone should check out, please share them in the comment section below! I hope you enjoyed today's post. 

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