The weather is warming up, the sun is shining and summer is less than a month away! It's a little strange to think we've almost spent an entire season stuck at home. I've tried to get outside as often as possible, but I've definitely spent a good amount of time in my house, on my phone, during this quarantine. I refuse to even look at my screen time anymore, in fear of fainting from the shock! But there have been a few upsides to all that screen time.. 

Letting My Curls Be Free

by Hampton Ivy, 5/18/2020

Say hello to my natural hair! I think I've only ever shown it once before on my Instagram, hidden under a beanie, until recently when I made the decision to stop using heat and let my waves/curls be free. It's taken about three months to finally figure out a routine that works for my hair, and it's much simpler than I expected.

Cozy Winter Style ❅

by Hampton Ivy, 5/17/2020

My uniform this winter seems to be off-the-shoulder sweaters, blue jeans and over-the-knee boots. I've swapped out the bulky turtlenecks for something more flirty and I'm addicted. I still love my turtlenecks, but this year I haven't been as crazy about winter clothes, so I think showing some shoulder as if it were still warm out has helped keep me sane.