We're only 10 days into the new year, but it feels like it's been a month already.. is that just me or do you friends feel the same? My mind has been racing and spinning in circles trying to create a plan for this year and I think the largeness of my goals is weighing me down a bit. Most likely because my main goal for 2019 is to make a six figure income and moving out of my parents home and into a home of my own, not exactly a small feat- of course 100% possible, but still pretty terrifying. BUT, I'm trying my best to not get caught up in the size of my goals and instead just take things step by step until I reach them. I not only want 2019 to be a successful year for my work, but for my mind and body as well. So, I've created a list of resolutions to make my goals for myself clear and to look back at to keep myself on track. I hope you friends enjoy reading this and maybe it inspires you to do some of the same things or check off the big items on your own list. Now, let's get into these hefty resolutions...

1. Workout & Do Yoga / Stretch .. No shock here, right? The resolution the majority of the world makes every new year. However, I don't have any plan on forcing myself to follow a hardcore workout routine or join a gym. I just want to make sure I do something active that makes me sweat at least 3 days out of the week. That could be following a kickboxing or zumba video online, doing a workout routine from a magazine, dancing like a fool, or walking around the block, as long as I'm moving my body and getting my blood flowing. Doing yoga is also something I want to make time for to become more flexible and loosen my body up, because sitting at a desk all day does some serious damage, but if I don't feel like doing yoga, I want to at least do some basic stretches every day. 
2. Pay Off Student Loans .. Hello big goal. This May will mark two years since I graduated FIT; that's crazy to me. I took out student loans for my tuition, and while my student loan debt is actually small compared to most people's, I still get anxiety thinking about it. This year, I just want to pay it all off so I don't have to think about it ever again. 
3. Stop Shopping .. No more clothes! No more books or mugs or gadgets or anything I do not absolutely need. Amazon Prime became my best friend and worst enemy in 2018. Not anymore. 2019 I want to stop buying material goods. If I spend money, it'll be on experiences instead. Or, if I really want to buy something, like a new dress or pair of shoes, I have to donate two things I own first.  
4. Save For A Down Payment .. Hello big goal #2. Long story short, I want to buy a house, not rent an apartment. I've been dreaming of being a home owner since I was in high school, and this year I plan on making it finally happen. Sure, I'm only 23, but I'll be turning 24 this year and it feels like the right time to finally do it. 
5. Hustle .. Same goal, different year, different meaning. I have a lot planned for this year for Hampton Ivy, the company and the blog, as well as for my side ventures. And when I say hustle, I don't mean I want to run myself crazy by working all day everyday, which is what we tend to associate the word hustle with. I want to work smarter, not harder this year. I want to spend my time wisely and get a lot done in a smaller amount of time (by taking away procrastination and by planning well) so I can enjoy the other parts of my day doing things I love with the people I love.
6. Read More .. I didn't meet my reading goal for 2018, so I'm going to try again this year. It's the same goal as last year, which is 24 books. I'm going to try to replace watching shows or movies with reading, fitting it into my morning routine (because something about a cup of coffee, morning light, and a book together is just perfect) or replace scrolling my Instagram explore feed with reading, or actually probably do all of the above. We'll see how it goes!

And those are all of my new year resolutions! If you friends have any of the same resolutions or have any big plans for 2019 too, I'd love to know in the comments below.
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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