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Hello friends! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas or is having a wonderful Kwanzaa! I can't believe my favorite holiday is over, but I'm extremely thankful for the memories I made during it. This years Christmas was very special, not because of the gifts I got, but because the people I spent it with; that's the best and most important part about the holidays. But, gifts are a part of the holidays too and if you've received a gift card or cash this holiday, I've put together a list of items I'm currently gushing over that hopefully you friends will enjoy as well. The truth is, though, I wont be spending my gift cards on any of these items, because I already used them to buy more contacts, and I forbid myself from doing any more shopping this winter unless the item is something I truly need. #Adulting & #I'm as blind as a bat. So, for now, I'll just be staring at these beautiful items on my computer screen instead. If you friends see something you love and buy it, let me know! Or let me know in the comments what you're buying for yourself now that Christmas is over. 






(Clearly I'm very motivated to earn more money and success going into 2019.. If you friends have any business books you've enjoyed, I'd love to know those too!)

Have a wonderful day!

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