If I made a list of the top five questions I get asked most often, "what skincare products do you use?" would surprisingly be one of them. I've never really found products that I considered my "holy grail" skincare products before, until this year. You'll see some of the products I use I enjoy, but probably wont keep in my routine forever, while other products I don't think I'll ever stop using- they're that good. Keep on reading to see what's in my routine, which products are great and which are amazing!


A little background about my skin: When I was younger I had minor acne, 100% due to my bad skincare routine, and then a few years ago I suffered from bad breakouts again, definitely due to my diet and trying too many cheap products, and then I also got perioral dermatitis
After a while of trial and error, I've finally found products that made my skin issues go away and that I now swear by. Of course I still break out occasionally and get a few dry patches, but these products have helped keep both of those issues under control. 

(P.S. If you're wondering what helped my perioral dermatitis, it was cutting out cinnamon in my diet, sulfates in my products, flouride in my toothpaste, and treating the affected area with calendula ointment and no other moisturizer. I only did all of those things temporarily until my perioral dermatitis went away. I had it in 2015 and it's only come back once since, last year, no where near as bad as it was the first time, and it went away even sooner because I followed that routine again.)

Also, friendly reminder.. It's not just what you put on your skin that affects it's appearance. What you eat, the weather, and the time of the month play a part in it as well. The latter two we can't really control, but the first one we can. So make sure to get some nice vitamins and nutrients in you diet and lots of water!


Now, finally, onto my routine!


Every morning I put about 4 drops of maracuja oil and a pump and a half of my CeraVe moisturizer in my hand and apply the combination of the two to my face. The two together make the most beautiful pair, leaving my skin so soft, hydrated, moisturized and glowing. I seriously can't imagine my skincare routine without these two products. 
I then apply my Clinique eye cream. I've actually seen a difference since using this; my eyes are less puffy, there are less fine lines, and my dark circles have dramatically lightened. Because of all that, I'd repurchase it, but I'm also still interested in trying new eye creams.

Other mornings:

Other mornings, I'll use these two items (plus the eye cream still). If I choose to use this vitamin c serum, I need to then use a moisturizer with SPF, because the serum has hyaluronic acid in it. I notice my skin is a little brighter and maybe my fine lines (on my forehead, between my brows, and my smile lines) have slightly become less noticeable, but I wouldn't say this serum is a must have. 
(To be honest, I bought it because Shakira said she uses a vitamin c serum.. Hey, Shakira looks amazing and if she says it's thanks to a certain product, it's worth a shot!)
This Olay moisturizer, on the other hand, is a must have. It's a little heavy and gives you a white cast when you first apply it, but after a minute it melts into your skin and the heaviness and white cast go away. It's very rare I find a moisturizer with SPF that I like, so I'll definitely be buying this one again!


When it's nighttime, I go for these richer products, but I only use them maybe three times a week. 
I've been using the Clinique Smart Night moisturizer for a little while now, and I really like it. It's a thicker cream that really moisturizers my skin, I have no complaints about it, but just like the Clinique eye cream, I'd be open to trying new night creams.
For when I have an occasional breakout, this treatment by Paula's Choice is fantastic. I put a dot of it right onto my blemish and it either dries it up to nothing or it helps bring it to the surface so I can get rid of it. The amount of product in this tube is also insane. I'd say I'd repurchase it, but I don't think I'll ever be able to even use it all!
My last item for nighttime is this very, very rich lip and eye cream by The Organic Pharmacy. Occasionally my eye area gets really dry and flaky and needs something heavier than the Clinique eye cream. This does wonders. It also does wonders for my dry patches, which I get around my mouth and chin. I'll definitely be repurchasing it when I run out. 


I've had a hard time finding a cleanser that really cleans my skin, but doesn't completely suck the life and moisture out of it. This one by CeraVe is fantastic. I use it with a konjac sponge to gently exfoliate my face. I'm sure these two products will be in my routine forever.

Other cleansers:

On days when I want either a gentler cleanse or when I want to get my makeup off before I use my CeraVe cleanser, I use the Simple micellar water with exfoliating cotton rounds or the Simple cleansing wipes. I trust the Simple brand and their products work really well and never irritate my skin. 


I use a face mask once, sometimes even twice, a week. I've learned the hard way that cheap masks do more harm than good. I'm now very picky when it comes to face masks, and these three have not let me down. They all help clear my skin up and bring it back to life after a long week. I highly, highly recommend them.

Honorable mentions:

Thayers Witch Hazel
Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner

Thayers Witch Hazel is amazing for keeping your skin clean and hydrated. I haven't used it for a while and I need to repurchase it ASAP. It's a miracle worker for getting rid of blackheads, keeping blemishes away, and minimizing enlarged poors.
Aerin's rose lip conditioner is also a fantastic lip balm and keeps your lips moisturized for hours. It's pretty pricey, so I save it for those days when my lips really need it, when lip balm just wont do the trick.

And those are the products in my skincare routine! It seems sort of lengthy, but every product is worth it. I also want to give a friendly shout out to beautypedia.com, because their ratings and recommendations are how I found 90% of the items in my routine and how I decide which items I'll try next.
What're your favorite skincare products? And if you try or already love any of the products I mentioned, let me know in the comments below!

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