Transition into Fall

in , by Hampton Ivy, 9/28/2017

Even though it still feels like summer, I'm determined to start dressing for fall. The trick to doing so? Light (very light) layers and darker, toned down, neutral colors. This outfit was perfect for a day shopping in Cold Spring Harbor, which is an adorable and beautiful little hamlet in Huntington, on the North Shore of Long Island.

Our first stop was Heritage Candle & Home, which is a charming little store with some home decor and lots of candle items. Now, I've told myself that I can not buy anything from now on that I do not need.. But I did that anyway. I bought four little candles by Bridgewater Candle Company; one called "Sweet Grace", one called "Orange Vanilla", and two of the one called "Open Road", and they smell amazing, so I don't regret it!
Our next stop was a darling little bakery called Sweetie Pies, where we grabbed coffee and a bite to eat. I got the chocolate chip scone (delicious) and an iced coffee, because I definitely did not need a hot beverage to make me any warmer than I already was at this point. 

A little warm weather wont stop me from transitioning into my fall wardrobe. 
This cardigan is very lightweight. I bought it last year from Lands' End and I can't seem to find a similar one anywhere online unfortunately. (If any brands are listening, we need more preppy cardigans with striped trim like this one!) 
I wore it over a sleeveless knit shell from Ann Taylor Loft. I found a similar one here from Talbots. Sleeveless sweater/knit tops are perfect for this time of year.
To match the navy stripes on my cardigan, I wore my navy J. Crew Gigi pants. I bought these last year around Christmas and I love them. (They feel like leggings!) Currently their sizing is extremely limited, but I'm hoping and almost positive they'll be restocking them when it gets colder outside.
My ballet flats are by Banana Republic. You can find similar ones here. Unfortunately they destroyed my ankles after about 15 minutes of wearing them. Does anyone else struggle with this? The only flats that have never given me blisters are from New Look. No other ballet flats compare. The only reason I didn't wear them this day was because they're stored away with my fall and winter clothes, which, due to the warm weather, we haven't taken out of storage yet.
My purse is from Kate Spade (the Cedar Street Maise is no longer available, but the Cameron Street Lottie looks very similar); my headband is by Pappagallo; my watch is from Timex; my bangle is Hampton Ivy; my ring is Hampton Ivy; and my phone case is a Hampton Ivy & Culley Committee collaboration!

Fall has to be my favorite season. I love every season, but fall is really the only one that I never want to end. The colors, the layering, the coziness, the food, the scents- everything about it is just perfect. So even though it's still a little warm outside, I'm in full fall mode anyway. 
Do you friends enjoy fall? What's your favorite part about it? 
Let me know in the comments below!
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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