Chilly Summer Evenings


"What's with the turtlenecks? It's the middle of summer."
"I like them, I've always liked them, and I'm just a turtleneck kind of gal."

If you know where those lines are from, you're amazing! But really, there's something about a turtleneck sweater that makes me feel put together and comfortable, no matter what season it is. Believe it or not, they aren't uncomfortable to wear in the summer, as long as you wear them during the right time of day and it's not too hot or humid outside. If you find the weather is a little chillier than usual or you know you'll be sitting in the shade somewhere, a summer turtleneck is the perfect top to wear. Some people may give you a perplexed look, but style is after all personal, and not everything is going to be everyone's cup of tea. So, wear what you like!

Top: Ann Taylor (similar: x , x , x) // Pants: Banana Republic (similar: x , x , x) // Scarf: Hampton Ivy // Shoes: Palm Beach Sandals // Purse: Etsy (similar)

My inspiration behind this outfit was a mix of Diane Keaton from Something's Gotta Give, which is my second favorite summer movie (Jaws is number one), and Jackie Kennedy. It's a simple and modest outfit that is just as classic today as it would have been 50 years ago. That's a huge reason behind why I love neutrals and simple designs; they'll always be in style. Don't get me wrong, I love some bright and fun patterned pieces as well and have quite a few of them. But to me, the definition of preppy style is classic clothing you can wear for years and years and even pass down to younger siblings, family members, or children. It's mature and effortless, while still looking completely put together.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! 
I'm curious to know, how do you friends define classic and preppy style?

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