New Year, New Goals! + Book of the Month

in , by Hampton Ivy, 1/10/2017

A new year means a fresh start! Time to sit down, reflect, and write down all of the goals we want to accomplish this year. I thought it would fun to share with you all my own New Year resolutions and you can comment below what yours are as well; maybe we'll have some in common!

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I've briefly mentioned it in a past blog post, but I love books. My shelves are jam-packed with them, and I'm a little ashamed to say I probably haven't read about 95% of my collection. So, it was a given that one of my goals this year had to be to read more books. My specific goal is to read at least two a month. Every day I now set aside a half an hour to an hour just to relax and read. 

I also plan on sharing which books I'm reading on my blog now! (Call it a "Hampton Ivy" or "Melanie's Book Club".. Or we can just call it "Books of the Month").. I love mostly fiction and young adult books, but I am more than open to any suggestions if you have them! Though my shelves are already packed, I always manage to find room for more.
Currently reading: Big Little Lies

Use a Planner..
I hate to admit it, but I'm guilty of buying planners and never using them.. My goal for this new year is to finally keep up with my planner, rather than just leave it to look pretty on my desk. The planner I have now is from Target by Sugar Paper.

Work Out & Eat Healthy..
Yes, the resolution probably every single one of us has made for this year, and every year that's passed! I want to start eating a healthy diet and working out again. I'm guilty of skipping meals and then going for quick, not very healthy meals when I do eat. So, my goal is start cooking and being more involved with the food I eat. I also want to start working out again, and I want to start doing yoga as well. (If you have any good yoga recommendations or tips, I'm all ears!)

I'm usually on and off with eating healthy and working out; where for months I'll be dedicated to both and love it, then I'll get terribly busy or occupied with something and go back to old habits. Getting back to healthy habits should be easy though, I just have to jump right in and do it!

& some more....

Learn Italian..
I've taken Italian twice in college and tried to learn it on my own before too, and then I gave up. The problem is, I, and I'm sure so many others learning a new language, want to know it immediately. It's a daunting task. But now I plan on studying for an hour a day and however long it takes to learn, I'll be O.K. with that. Currently I'm using the Duolingo app and listening to Collins Italian with Paul Noble on Audible. If any of you have studied and truly learned a new language, I'd love to hear any tips you have!

Blog More..
Yes! I want to blog more this year! I love blogging, and I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't. What happens is that I get caught up with everything else and forget to fit in the time to blog. This year I'm making sure to schedule things out properly and accomplish everything I want to do, (with the help of my planner of course). My goal is have at least one new post a week and incorporate more lifestyle and beauty related posts, as well as my usual style ones.

& Those are my goals!
2017 is going to be an amazing year.
I'm so excited to see what new adventures and opportunities it will bring!

What're your New Years resolutions?!
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  1. We have quite a few goals in common! I have a love/hate relationship with yoga; I love it, but can't manage to shut my brain off for more than 5 minutes. The Asana Rebel app has some great yoga workouts. I'm also in the process of learning Italian using the Duolingo app. I work for a large Italian company so being able to banter with the little bit of Italian I know thus far helps immensely to help prepare me for my trip to Italy!

    1. Oh fun! I've never truly tried yoga before- my mind is always busy as can be too, maybe it'll do some good though. I just downloaded the Asana Rebel app, it looks helpful, thank you for the recommendation! & That's great, I basically only knew how to say "dove" when I went to Rome!