Everyone is talking about it, I'm sure you're thinking about it too!
The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

A little info about the sale.. At the end of summer, Nordstrom gets all the new fall pieces in stock and has a big sale that lasts for a few weeks. After the sale is over- this year it ends August 8th- prices go back up! You get to buy this fall's hottest items at sale prices before rather than after like most sales, so you're completely ready and in style!

For the past week, Nordstrom members had first picks on items, but today is the first day everyone can purchase Anniversary Sale goodies!

I've looked through every category and picked out a bunch of pieces, under $100, that I love and think you all would be interested in too! Some pieces even work for the end of summer or next year, (like a flamingo float I'm obsessed with!) 



[ x ] . [ x ] . [ x ]

How absolutely precious are these dresses?! The first and third are perfect for a dinner or special occassion, while I love the one in the middle for casual days or around the house.


[ x ] . [ x ] . [ x ]

I absolutely adore these first two blouses, they remind me of Audrey Hepburn's style. They're just so classy and perfect for dressing up! The third button up is such an easy piece to throw on and tuck in to jeans, a skirt, or shorts.

[ x ] . [ x ] , [ x ] . [ x ]

While I don't wear crop tops, I'm just in love with the idea of the first sweater in fall with a high waist skirt. The following two sweaters are both classic pieces so worth having. The last button up is also just so cute for casual days with the gingham print and contrasting plaid cuffs.


My shopping list couldn't be complete without lounge pieces. I love cute around-the-house pieces that are comfy but if a guest pops over unexpectedly, you wont have to run and change!


Who doesn't love a poncho? I absolutely love a red, white, and blue plaid one! I also have to say a quilted vest and jacket are must haves, and these two in particular look fantastic.

Tweed, kelly green, and trench.. Need I say more? All three of these pieces look beautiful for the coming fall and winter!


What could be better than a corduroy skirt? These two are both must-have colors for fall and winter. The skirt in the middle is also a must-have closet staple for dressy occasions and work attire.


Shoes! Who could have enough?! I'm in LOVE with Sperry's take on the duck boot, and especially this color! All these other shoes are gorgeous pieces that can get so much use and will always be classic.


It's obvious I like to stick with a classic tan or brown when it comes to accessories, but it's so easy to match with everything else! I definitely want to give a shout-out to the belt in this photo, because a leather waist belt is such a great piece. Also, how cute are these monogrammed pieces?! A classic leather wallet, an adorable cosmetic bag, and a great beach bag!


Here is the flamingo. I know.. I love it too. I feel like this one will be gone soon so snatch it up while you can!
I'm also a huge fan of Nest candles and I've smelled these two before in person, 'Sicilian Tangerine' and 'Grapefruit'. If you love citrus scents, these two are amazing!


This palette by Nars has everything you need in one; blush, highlight and bronzer! The palette next to it is by Lorac, my top favorite brand for eyeshadow. This palette has eyeshadow and blush, and looks absolutely stunning for such a great price too! 
Underneath the palettes is a set of 6 Evian facial water sprays for a great price- they're fabulous for refreshing your skin and makeup throughout the day. Next to them is my favorite skincare product, Clinique Moisture Surge, which has worked wonders for me.

Honorable Mentions

These coats aren't under $100, but they're under $150! I had to mention them anyway because quality coats at these prices are hard to come by and so necessary for fall and winter.
The first is by Guess, the middle by Ralph Lauren, and the last by Guess as well.
They're absolutely stunning and definitely worth being on my list of must-haves!

I hope you all have enjoyed my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks and that I've helped you figure out what to buy for yourself!
Let me know what items you love from the sale in the comments below!
Happy shopping!

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