Pier Side Picnic

in , by Hampton Ivy, 7/20/2016

A picnic always sounds like a good idea, but a picnic with a view? That's a great idea!
Grab a blanket or a quilt, a pretty book to flip through, and your favorite easy snacks or mess free meals and you're ready to go! If you love a white quilt but you're afraid of grass or dirt stains, bring a thinner blanket, towel, or sheet even, to lay underneath the quilt between it and the ground.
(*Note: I forgot to do that myself this time... Let's just say I've learned my lesson!)
A picnic basket to hold it all is also extremely helpful, and really cute to showcase, but so is a large tote. This one from Quilted Koala has enough room for everything and more!
What are your picnic essentials? I'd love to know in the comments below!

Cardigan: Brooks Brothers . Dress: Abercrombie . Hat: Sun 'N' Sand . Heels: Ann Taylor . Sunglasses: Target . Bag: Quilted Koala
Jewelry: Hampton Ivy ~ Necklaces: Whale & Pearl . Bracelets: Beads & Bangle . Earrings: Navy Anchors
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