Wearing Sunshine Well

in , by Hampton Ivy, 5/15/2016

It's funny to say that I used to dislike the color yellow when it came to clothing. Then again that was quite a few years ago.. But now, I truly love the color when it's in pastel. There are certain colors that make people feel bright and uplifted, and pastel yellow is one of those for me! It's like wearing sunshine..

This quarter sleeve summer sweater from Kate Hill was my favorite sweater last spring and summer, and it definitely will stay my favorite this spring and summer as well. The weather is in the perfect medium, where it's warm but still cool out where jeans and a long sleeve shirt feels extremely comfortable, especially at the beach.

Hope you all have had a little sunshine in your day today!

Sweater: Kate Hill . Jeans: Flying Monkey . Shoes: Charles by Charles David . 
Headband: (soon to come) . Necklace: (soon to come) . 
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