Hampton Gift Bag 2016

by Hampton Ivy, 5/31/2016

If you haven't seen already, which I'm sure you all have, because I've posted about it on all of my social media channels, (and now this blog!) Hampton Ivy has had the incredible opportunity to be a part of this year's Hampton Gift Bag by Madison & Mulholland, Inc.! 
This past Memorial Day weekend marked their 15 years of gifting in the Hamptons and I'm so honored to have been a part of that.

Even though we were a part of the gift bag, I had to have one for myself.
I am a huge book lover. In fact, I probably didn't need anymore books, because I haven't even read half the ones I already own yet (I know, I know.. shame on me). So the fact that the Memorial Day Hampton Gift Bag has 8 books in it, all written by best-selling authors, as well as two skincare items and gift certificates and a great quality water bottle, meant I definitely had to have it.

The books included are:

Before The Fall
In The Name of Gucci
Kanye West Owes Me $300
Find Your Extraordinary
Mother, Can You Not?
The Progeny
The Travelers

(A little funny note... the pictures of the books June and In The Name of Gucci are taken from Amazon, instead of by me, because my Grandmother, who also loves books, borrowed those two from me to read herself as soon as I showed her the bag! I was so excited to show her, I completely forgot I had to take photos of them first for this post, whoops!)

The other items, skincare: La Pomme's Apple Stem Cell Serum & Skinny Facial Oil

Gift certificates: Two nights for one at The Maidstone Inn (East Hampton), 40% off Madison & Mulholland accessories, 40% off Angela Pizzarello's Intuition and Emotional Freedom Coaching, and 
Buy 2 get 50% off Hampton Ivy jewelry

And a White Cloud Charter water bottle and beach bag that it all comes in!
Some lucky recipients will also receive a pair of mirrored aviators by Madison & Mulholland.

* Even though Memorial Day has passed, the Memorial Day bags are still available in limited quantities to be shipped to you for $27.95, which compared to the $500+ value of the bag is an absolute steal! (USA only)
Direct link to buy the bag:

Get it while you still can!

The gift bag is also available with different products July 4th, August 8th, and Labor Day as well. Gift Bags can be reserved online at HamptonGiftBag.com for $5.99 or can be picked up at locations in the Hamptons on those dates.

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