All White & A Gingham Statement

in , by Hampton Ivy, 5/01/2016

Effortless, but absolutely fantastic.
An all white outfit is an easy way to bring in the warmer months and look chic while doing it.

For the past year or so, monochromatic all white outfits have been all over social media and fashion blogs, and for all the right reasons.
Firstly, what could be easier to match with white, than white?!
Secondly, it has an angelic feel, you can't deny that! White reflects light, so it's guaranteed to make you stand out while walking down the street and while entering a room. 
Thirdly, it's a blank canvas for whatever accessory you want to show off!
Gingham is the pattern of the season, so it was of course my first choice, and my favorite choice, to stand out against the white. The soft blue color also pairs beautifully with white, and matches with the Hampton Ivy beaded lobster charm bracelet I wore as well.
To keep things simple and not go too overboard with the white, I left my other accessories nude.

If you've been debating joining in on the trend, take the leap, or choose all cream or beige/nude instead of white if that's easier. If you're worried about stains, I recommend carrying a tide stick in your purse. As a clumsy coffee lover, I make sure to carry one with me at all times.

Just have fun with it! 
& Have a lovely week!

Button Up: Banana Republic . Jeans: J Crew . Belt: Target . Purse: Kate Spade . Heels: J Crew
Scarf: Hampton Ivy (coming soon) . Bracelet: Hampton Ivy . Ring: NWCustom Jewelry
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