A Very Hampton Ivy Season

in , by Hampton Ivy, 1/18/2016

From bracelets to necklaces, of leather, cashmere, and velvet ... 
Adorned with horseshoes, horse jumps, and foxes...
We wanted all of our favorite symbols and textures, of not only the cozy seasons but of the whole preppy, equestrian lifestyle, to be a part of our winter wardrobe. And our Hampton Ivy Fall/Winter collection was the perfect way to incorporate those. (and still is!)
There's something so fun and glamorous about adding a statement piece of jewelry to an outfit; it takes it to a whole different level, or, for me, truly completes the whole ensemble. 
Throughout the fall and winter seasons we've been loving the pieces pictured above, and the rest of our collection, to bring the preppy, equestrian spirit to our outfits.
So next time you're wearing a cashmere sweater, add a different texture in by tossing on one of our beautiful leather cuffs. Wearing a simple button up blouse? Add one of our glass pearl bracelets or cashmere charm necklaces.
Fashion is meant to be fun, and jewelry is the perfect way to add in that little flair!

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  1. I've seen you on Pinterest and wanted to say how beautiful you are.