A Very Hampton Ivy Season

by Hampton Ivy, 1/18/2016

From bracelets to necklaces, of leather, cashmere, and velvet ... 
Adorned with horseshoes, horse jumps, and foxes...
We wanted all of our favorite symbols and textures, of not only the cozy seasons but of the whole preppy, equestrian lifestyle, to be a part of our winter wardrobe. And our Hampton Ivy Fall/Winter collection was the perfect way to incorporate those. (and still is!)
There's something so fun and glamorous about adding a statement piece of jewelry to an outfit; it takes it to a whole different level, or, for me, truly completes the whole ensemble. 
Throughout the fall and winter seasons we've been loving the pieces pictured above, and the rest of our collection, to bring the preppy, equestrian spirit to our outfits.
So next time you're wearing a cashmere sweater, add a different texture in by tossing on one of our beautiful leather cuffs. Wearing a simple button up blouse? Add one of our glass pearl bracelets or cashmere charm necklaces.
Fashion is meant to be fun, and jewelry is the perfect way to add in that little flair!

Winter in Forest Green

by Hampton Ivy, 1/11/2016

Who says being colorful is only for spring or summer? Not me, that's for sure! 
That's why I love my plaids, and why I love forest green. Some colors don't quite fit the winter scene, but forest green fits it beautifully, and has become my favorite color for this season. It's a bold color, just bright enough to stand out, but still toned down and subdued, making it a sophisticated color choice in my opinion. 
Today I paired a forest green cardigan with my favorite skirt for fall and winter that is also rather colorful! The brighter navy, red, yellow and green plaid pairs perfectly with the forest green cardigan. As well as our Hampton Ivy classic plaid cuff with all the colors to match, and our Hampton Ivy gold chain link bracelet with forest green beads and little horseshoe charms. For the rest of my outfit, my blouse, shoes, and purse, I kept to neutrals and toned down colors.
So if you're looking to add some color into your outfit, while staying seasonally appropriate, forest green is a wonderful choice, and of course so is plaid. Plaid is always a wonderful choice!


Blouse: J. Crew . Cardigan: J. Crew . Skirt: vintage . Shoes: Ralph Lauren . Purse: Kate Spade 
Necklace: Natasha . Bracelets: Hampton Ivy

A Poet's Home

by Hampton Ivy, 1/04/2016
"Simplicity is the glory of expression."
~ Walt Whitman

There are so many places to visit on Long Island. There are so many historical figures who were born and raised here. Sometimes we're so used to hearing their names we forget how special it is that we can visit their homes and appreciate their work at anytime. 
Today we decided to give appreciation to Walt Whitman, a wonderful poet raised here on Long Island. Taking a little time out of our day to look at the home he was raised in and remember his work was a nice and very peaceful experience. 
If you're ever in the area, I recommend giving it a tour. 

Coat: Mirage . Sweater: J Crew . Jeans: Flying Monkey . Socks: J Crew . Boots: LL Bean . Scarf: J Crew . Gloves: J Crew . Wristlet: Kate Spade