Happy Easter!


Happy Easter everyone! These past two weeks have been busy with midterms and preparing Hampton Ivy, so busy we missed out on posting last weekend, but I hope you all have had a lovely week and a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Hat: Sun 'N' Sand . Dress: Ann Taylor . Clutch: vintage . Earrings: heirloom . Bracelets: Graffiti, HallHuber . Rings: Old Navy

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  1. Love your Instagram, blog, and Easter post!
    I am a Dallas Designer and my classic designs are American Made in a workshop in the Garment District.
    I would love to visit with you! My email is susanapple@me.com. My blog is www.susanapple.com.
    I am attending a FIT Fashion Intelligence seminar on Saturday. I was wondering if you will be there too!

    1. Thank you Susan! I wish you luck on relaunching your brand, I'd be excited to see it! I won't be in the city this weekend as work calls me to the Island and home. But I'm sure the conference will be great! Let me know when you relaunch, I'd love to see! Thank you again!

  2. The model's look, the photographer's skills, and nature's beauty all add up to the perfect pictures!

    1. Thank you so kindly Judy, you're so sweet! I hope you enjoyed a beautiful easter!

  3. Your style is really classy Mel and the colour of your dress suits you very well. I hope you spent a lovely Easter with your family.




    1. Thank you so much Valentina! That means so much to me! Xo


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