Today, I'm excited to say, I'll be collaborating with the ever so lovely Robin Van Crabb!
You may already know her from her blog Dress Decoded or her Instagram handle @robinvancrabb.
Every outfit she posts is absolutely elegant and timeless, so who better to collaborate with on a post about dressing lady-like? Robin's blog is also a wonderful resource to go to for smart and beautifully done "how-to"s for dressing on every occasion! 

There's nothing like a classic lady-like outfit. During the week my outfits lean more towards casual simplicity due to a busy schedule. On the weekends, however, I get the chance to dress up and wear pieces that don't get as much attention during the week.

There is no better piece of a jewelry than a strand of pearls, in my opinion. An outfit can go from nice to elegant just by adding a strand or two around the neck and one or a few on your wrist.

A silk scarf.
It's always fun to find a new way to wear a silk scarf. Wearing it around your neck is classic, but in the warmer seasons I love using them as headbands or as belts tied with a little bow in the back.

I say you can never have enough! Having a beautiful knit cardigan draping elegantly over your shoulders is so simple, but turns a simple dress and heels into a lady-like ensemble. They're lightweight and add a touch of modesty to your outfit.

Flattering shades such as navy and baby pink.
Navy is a classic color and one of the easiest to wear. Sometimes it can be very bold. Baby pink adds a softness and femininity. The two go together beautifully.

I hope you all have found my rules/advice for dressing more lady-like both helpful and fun!
See how Robin paired similar pieces:

Head on over to to see Robin's rules on dressing lady-like, and definitely follow her on Instagram, you wont be disappointed!

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