Cherry Blossom Spring

by Hampton Ivy, 4/26/2015

Mother nature sure has been taking her time, but the flowers are finally starting to blossom! I've been trying to squeeze in as much time as I can outdoors enjoying the warming up weather. This weekend in particular was really beautiful, though for us it was a work weekend, I made sure to enjoy the sunshine. Hope you all have had a lovely weekend as well!

Cardigan: Jeanne Pierre . Blouse: Banana Republic . Skort: Lilly Pulitzer . Shoes: Steve Madden . Necklace: Old Navy . Bracelets: Forever21

Lilly Pulitzer in Bryant Park

by Hampton Ivy, 4/20/2015

I can finally say it truly feels like spring now! This week was absolutely gorgeous. To top it off, Lilly Pulitzer made an appearance in Bryant Park on Thursday. The whole entire set up and pop-up shop was adorable and felt like a little spring break. The collection for Target was no surprise adorable as well, so I had to pick up a pair of shorts, (and those espadrille wedges when they went up online!) I hope you all have had a wonderful week and enjoyed the weather if it was as nice for you too!
Today, I'm excited to say, I'll be collaborating with the ever so lovely Robin Van Crabb!
You may already know her from her blog Dress Decoded or her Instagram handle @robinvancrabb.
Every outfit she posts is absolutely elegant and timeless, so who better to collaborate with on a post about dressing lady-like? Robin's blog is also a wonderful resource to go to for smart and beautifully done "how-to"s for dressing on every occasion! 

There's nothing like a classic lady-like outfit. During the week my outfits lean more towards casual simplicity due to a busy schedule. On the weekends, however, I get the chance to dress up and wear pieces that don't get as much attention during the week.

There is no better piece of a jewelry than a strand of pearls, in my opinion. An outfit can go from nice to elegant just by adding a strand or two around the neck and one or a few on your wrist.

A silk scarf.
It's always fun to find a new way to wear a silk scarf. Wearing it around your neck is classic, but in the warmer seasons I love using them as headbands or as belts tied with a little bow in the back.

I say you can never have enough! Having a beautiful knit cardigan draping elegantly over your shoulders is so simple, but turns a simple dress and heels into a lady-like ensemble. They're lightweight and add a touch of modesty to your outfit.

Flattering shades such as navy and baby pink.
Navy is a classic color and one of the easiest to wear. Sometimes it can be very bold. Baby pink adds a softness and femininity. The two go together beautifully.

I hope you all have found my rules/advice for dressing more lady-like both helpful and fun!
See how Robin paired similar pieces:

Head on over to to see Robin's rules on dressing lady-like, and definitely follow her on Instagram, you wont be disappointed!

Happy Easter!

by Hampton Ivy, 4/05/2015

Happy Easter everyone! These past two weeks have been busy with midterms and preparing Hampton Ivy, so busy we missed out on posting last weekend, but I hope you all have had a lovely week and a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Hat: Sun 'N' Sand . Dress: Ann Taylor . Clutch: vintage . Earrings: heirloom . Bracelets: Graffiti, HallHuber . Rings: Old Navy