A break from the snow...

by Hampton Ivy, 2/24/2015

The above photo is our reality for now... but I'm going to give you a quick little summer tour through a favorite island of ours. Shelter Island, NY.  I'm dreaming of lunch by the water and all that summer has to offer in this beautiful magical place.

Isn't it just dreamy?
Oh Summer , Dear Summer, Hurry up!!

Ok, now it's back to reality and designing fabrics ...Designing Summer patterns makes it a lovely job today!

Have a wonderful week everyone! xo

{Shelter island photos: via pinterest.} 

Red and Navy Head to Toe

by Hampton Ivy, 2/15/2015

If there are two colors that go together perfectly, they are red and navy. By using red as an accent color, it keeps the outfit polished and more flattering. A scarf is a great way to add in accent colors, whether worn as a scarf or a shawl, it's also my favorite accessory during the colder seasons!

Top: Brooks Brothers . Skirt: Joe Fresh . Scarf: Target . Heels: Anne Klein . Necklace: boutique . Bracelets: Cartier, Hermes

Snow Day with the Pups

by Hampton Ivy, 2/08/2015

The snow on the island has piled up pretty high, and the pups love it. Even though it may be chilly, the sunshine manages to get me outside to play with them. Normally a sweater without a jacket wouldn't be enough to keep anyone warm with these temperatures, but something about vintage pieces and the quality that used to go into them make this wool sweater just enough.

Sweater: vintage . Scarf: Bloomingdales . Jeans: Flying Monkey . Socks: L.L. Bean . Boots: Tommy Hilfiger 

Pretty Picks for Valentine's Day

by Hampton Ivy, 2/01/2015

I've put together a few of my favorite pieces for inspiration and possible additions to everyone's wishlists that are perfect for the coming up holiday, Valentine's Day!
Hope you all have a lovely week!