The Beauty of Winter White


If there is one color that always looks stunning during the winter, when everything is blanketed by snow, it's creamy white. Soft whites and neutrals against the bright white winter background makes for a striking entrance wherever you're going. The look is simple, classic, and absolutely lovely.

Top: Saint Tropez West . Skirt: Oscar De La Renta . Coat: Express . Headband: Whimsey At The Beauty Tree . Heels: Kelly&Katie . Clutch: LuLu Townsend . Scarf: Castlerig . Belt: thrifted . Necklaces: (pearls) thrifted, (links) One Wink . Bracelet: HallHuber

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  1. Aren't you freezing??? It's 41 in Dallas with NO snow and I am freezing.

    1. Hi Kathie,

      No not at all, I love the snow!


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