Classic at Old Fields

in , by Hampton Ivy, 1/24/2015

Though it's winter, there have been a few days where I can feel spring coming around the corner, or maybe it's just hopeful thinking. Either way! It's always fun to throw bright colors into the colder seasons. Bold jewelry and faux fur glam up any outfit, and bring a touch of fun into the day!

Top: Allison Taylor . Vest: Michael Kors . Jeans: Flying Monkey . Shoes: Ralph Lauren . Belt: Brooks Brothers . Purse: Coach . Necklace, Earrings: from Annie Sez . Bracelets: Graffiti, HallHuber
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  1. I have one BIG complaint about your blog. You don't post enough! You are my new favorite and would love to see you do something every single day. Other than that - you're perfect. ;)

  2. Hi Kathie, You're so sweet. Thank you so much! I'm hoping to be able to post more in the new season, right now it's a busy balancing act of Hampton Ivy and College work, but I hope to post more too! Thank you again! Best, Melanie xo