Classic at Old Fields

by Hampton Ivy, 1/24/2015

Though it's winter, there have been a few days where I can feel spring coming around the corner, or maybe it's just hopeful thinking. Either way! It's always fun to throw bright colors into the colder seasons. Bold jewelry and faux fur glam up any outfit, and bring a touch of fun into the day!

Top: Allison Taylor . Vest: Michael Kors . Jeans: Flying Monkey . Shoes: Ralph Lauren . Belt: Brooks Brothers . Purse: Coach . Necklace, Earrings: from Annie Sez . Bracelets: Graffiti, HallHuber

Rainy Days and Mondays

by Hampton Ivy, 1/19/2015

"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather." (John Ruskin)
Even if it's a Monday and rain is pouring down from sunrise til sunset, there's always a way to enjoy the day regardless of the weather! Toss on a pair of trusty rain boots and a down vest, and make the best of your Monday! xo

Top: H&M . Sweater: Sonoma . Vest: Uniqlo . Jeans: Flying Monkey . Boots: Tommy Hilfiger . Necklace: One Wink . Umbrella: Totes

The Beauty of Winter White

by Hampton Ivy, 1/11/2015

If there is one color that always looks stunning during the winter, when everything is blanketed by snow, it's creamy white. Soft whites and neutrals against the bright white winter background makes for a striking entrance wherever you're going. The look is simple, classic, and absolutely lovely.

Top: Saint Tropez West . Skirt: Oscar De La Renta . Coat: Express . Headband: Whimsey At The Beauty Tree . Heels: Kelly&Katie . Clutch: LuLu Townsend . Scarf: Castlerig . Belt: thrifted . Necklaces: (pearls) thrifted, (links) One Wink . Bracelet: HallHuber

A Barbour Kind of Day

by Hampton Ivy, 1/04/2015

It's hard to imagine the town so empty on a Sunday afternoon, but with the fog and humidity in the air today, everyone seemed to stay in. There's something eerily beautiful about an empty train station and seeing the train move through the fog in the distance. It's a nice break between exploring the town and grabbing lunch. 

Coat: Barbour . Top: Lauren Ralph Lauren . Skirt: Uniqlo . Socks: L.L. Bean . Boots: Ecote . Necklace: vintage . Purse: Calvin Klein