The Snowy Tree and the Cozy Sweater

in , by Hampton Ivy, 12/07/2014

Sweater: Chaps . Jeans: Flying Monkey . Socks: LL Bean . Boots: LL Bean . Mittens: Look by M . Bag: Old Navy .
Blanket: Vintage . Thermos: Aladdin . Mug: Pottery Barn

The first week of December has passed and the holiday decorating has begun in our home. I'm a fan of natural decorations, and that means garland on almost every surface. While I love shopping, sometimes going outside and finding decorations in nature is just as fun. There's no bite in the air just yet, only a cool breeze and the need for a cozy wool sweater. It's the perfect time to grab a pair of scissors and search for garland pieces outsides. There's a beautiful path near me where I go to walk and stop at a bench for a little hot cocoa. It's a great little spot to just sit and enjoy my surroundings.


This year we tried our hand at flocking our Christmas tree. The result is absolutely beautiful. Snow is one of my favorite parts of the winter holiday season. Here on Long Island we haven't seen any snow just yet, but this tree is almost enough to make me believe we have. It is a lovely sight to see in the morning as I'm walking down the hallway, and dreamy when lit up at night as I'm lounging in our living room.

Happy Holidays xo
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  1. Absolutely beautiful, and beautifully written! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much, Carla! Merry Christmas to you too :) xo

  2. Que guapa! Y que arbol de navidad tan bonito!! Besos desde EspaƱa!

  3. I just read down through your last four posts, and I am convinced that you are every bit as talented as your mother! You have a beautiful, artistic, and interesting way of sharing fashion! I really enjoy your newly formed blog!