The Magic Before Christmas

in , by Hampton Ivy, 11/30/2014
    Sweater: vintage (Irish wool) . Scarf: Heartichoke . Pants: Pink Pineapple Shop . Socks: J Crew . Boots: Madden Girl
Levi's sweater: Hip Doggie

                                                                   { Image: David C. Walker 1967 }


                                                                          {pottery barn }

                                                                            { pinterest }

There's a magic in the air that starts right after the turkey is eaten and the last leaves have fallen. It's that perfect time of year when the wonder of Christmas preparations makes us all feel like children again. Picking out the family tree at our local tree farm does that for me. While of course shopping for gifts and seeing anything holiday related does that too, it's mostly the Reindeer I love if we're talking themes :) . I have reindeer images on everything from stockings, to sweaters, to glassware etc. Since seeing real reindeer (Caribou) as a child, I have loved them so much. I've asked that our family tree be all about fair isle prints and reindeer, so these photos above are great inspiration. I'm excited to post in the coming weeks our Christmas outfits and Christmas decorations! I hope your Thanksgiving was great and your weeks ahead are magical! xo

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