Polo Ralph Lauren Flagship - New York City


"I am very excited to introduce Polo for women. When I first launched 
womenswear, I called it "Ralph Lauren." And while my brands have 
evolved over the years, I felt like there were still opportunities 
to bring the iconic spirit of men's Polo to a new generation of women.

Growing up, I loved varsity clothes but also worn-in jeans and a great 
old beat-up motorcycle jacket. Whenever I mix these things together, 
they look fresh and new and fun. That's what Polo is. My Polo girl 
is cool and youthful- though ageless- with her own personal style.

To launch women's Polo on the runway, and to open our first Polo flagship 
on 5th Avenue in New York City- and Polo stores across the world- 
this really is a dream come true.

I hope you enjoy our new world of Polo for women."

- Ralph Lauren

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