A Shopping Day In The Village


 Shirt: Banana Republic . Sweater: KENAR . Necklaces: Studio S, heirloom pearls

 Lilly always has the funnest clothes. Though they are a brand based on resort wear, you can find a small collection of lightweight quilted vests and jackets up for sale now.
I loved this one!

 New fall year means new fall shoes!

Bracelets: Michael Kors, Hermes, heirloom tennis bracelet

Though buying new clothes is always fun, shopping for vintage pieces can be even more exciting. 
I found this absolutely beautiful plaid skirt on Etsy. 
The quality is truly superb- the wool not only looks beautiful, but it feels beautiful as well.
The great thing about plaid wool skirts is that they've always been and always will be a classic piece, but we'll definitely be seeing much more of them this year!

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