The weather is warming up, the sun is shining and summer is less than a month away! It's a little strange to think we've almost spent an entire season stuck at home. I've tried to get outside as often as possible, but I've definitely spent a good amount of time in my house, on my phone, during this quarantine. I refuse to even look at my screen time anymore, in fear of fainting from the shock! But there have been a few upsides to all that screen time.. 

Letting My Curls Be Free

by Hampton Ivy, 5/18/2020

Say hello to my natural hair! I think I've only ever shown it once before on my Instagram, hidden under a beanie, until recently when I made the decision to stop using heat and let my waves/curls be free. It's taken about three months to finally figure out a routine that works for my hair, and it's much simpler than I expected.

Cozy Winter Style ❅

by Hampton Ivy, 5/17/2020

My uniform this winter seems to be off-the-shoulder sweaters, blue jeans and over-the-knee boots. I've swapped out the bulky turtlenecks for something more flirty and I'm addicted. I still love my turtlenecks, but this year I haven't been as crazy about winter clothes, so I think showing some shoulder as if it were still warm out has helped keep me sane.

Favorite Gal Meets Glam Fall Releases!

by Hampton Ivy, 9/29/2019
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One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is that of the lovely and ever so elegant Julia Engel. When she launched her very own brand, I was ecstatic. I've always loved and admired her fashion sense and the dresses she wore, so naturally I've loved every beautiful piece she's released in her line. I've put together 11 of my favorite dresses and one jumpsuit she's released that are perfect for fall and put together some of our Hampton Ivy pieces that would look beautiful paired with them too in the post. I hope you friends enjoy!

It's almost that wonderful time of year, where every tree blooms with colorful leaves, the air becomes crisp and cool, and there's a faint warm smell of pumpkin and apple and cinnamon everywhere you go. Needless to say, I'm excited! I love every season, but fall is always a special treat. It's not quite cool enough to bring out my fall clothes, but it's the perfect time to transition my jewelry, accessories, and home decor from summer to fall! Hampton Ivy just launched our fall line and it's my favorite yet. Every design is classic and sophisticated and will compliment your wardrobe or home beautifully, and you'll definite get compliments whenever you wear any of our fall releases! Take a look through this post to see some of my favorite pieces from our fall line and head on over to or to see everything.